Language is a necessity for all cultures. Through it we can communicate with other individuals, solve problems and feel part of a community. By understanding and using a foreign language students not only learn a new grammar and vocabulary, they acquire a whole new world view, which allows them to perform better in a global society. The process of learning a foreign language gives students the chance to consider culturally diverse viewpoints for exploring options in processing information and making judgements. In today’s globally interconnected environment, the ability to communicate in Spanish, which currently has between 450 and 500 million speakers worldwide, is an invaluable asset in a wide variety of fields.

The mission of Spanish Express is to prepare our students for their language requirements. Our division Of Spanish Language & Culture Department is committed to imparting knowledge on the language, culture and literature of Spain and Latin America. We strive to fulfil this mission by providing our students with the highest quality teaching, through use the Spanish language and culture by providing our students with the skills to access information which, in turn, will allow them to explore, create and solve problems in preparation for life-long learning in a global society. Additionally, we will organize cultural events at our school that represent the richness and beauty of our area of study. Our teaching excellence combined with our unique “personal touch” creates a challenging yet supportive atmosphere where students can fulfil their potential.

Students receive a practical grounding in Spanish language through a challenging syllabus and may complement their classroom experience with study abroad. In addition, our language, culture, business courses and seminars prepare students to understand cultural diversity, to gain global awareness and to have enhanced leadership abilities as a result of their improved linguistic skills and intercultural knowledge.

An individual fluent in another language acquires insight into the world in which we live. Advanced foreign language skills, combined with an international perspective and an intercultural expertise, position our students for productive careers in the global and multicultural marketplaces of the 21st century.