Whatever your business needs, Spanish Express offers a complete range of Spanish services, from individual tuition, closed group courses, translation services, through to business and cultural seminars.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide clients with innovative, cost-effective and high quality language and cultural training. Over the past nearly 12 years we have built a large portfolio of companies and clients, both from the UK and Spain, which has in turn enhanced the services we offer.

We can organise a number of different programmes to suit your needs: individual classes, small or large groups, closed groups – daytime and evening. The training is organised at the comfort of your premises,

Individual Tuition

We provide Spanish language tuition on an individual basis for professional purposes. This is the most effective training solution for individuals to improve their language skills in specific areas or when the client has a busy work schedule and is often away on business.
This format of lessons offer many advantages, from providing the participant extensive opportunities for speaking practice to doing a lot of work done on error correction. In general terms, Individual Tuition enables participants to achieve their goals in 30% less time than the alternative Group Tuition.

Group Tuition

Learning in a Closed Group is the format most usually chosen for company language training programmes.
We offer assistance to businesses that are wishing or needing to expand. Maybe they are facing the prospect of relocating abroad and need an insight, not only into the language, but also into the culture of their new country.
This is known to be the most effective training solution when a company has a large number of staff to be trained and the students in each group need to share the same objectives.

Steps to setting up Individual Tuition:

  • We analyse the participant language needs and then recommend the most suitable programme.
  • We find out the levels of the participant. We cater for all levels from Complete Beginners to Advanced.
  • The training is normally delivered on the client’s premises, so a meeting room needs to be arranged within your company.
  • Days and times for the lessons are set according to the availability of the participant. Lessons generally offer between two and six hours of training per week, with classes starting as early as 08.00 and running through to 20.00.
  • A tutor is assigned to the participant and the programme and contents are confirmed.
  • The participant attendance is carefully monitored during the course of lessons.
  • At the end of each package of lessons a report is produced by the tutor and recommendations are made for any future training.

Spanish Seminars

In addition to our courses, Spanish Cultural & Business Seminars are also offered. These seminars are available in Spanish or English so both beginner students and those who have already a certain level of Spanish can participate.

Test your Level

If you are about to study a course but are unsure of your level, take our Assessment Test. It will only take a few minutes and will give you a good indication of your ability.


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