Spanish Evening Courses

Spanish Express offers Spanish courses from beginner through to advanced and casual learner through to the business focussed. Our evening group courses run with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 students.

Spanish Express evening courses are a fun and sociable way to begin learning Spanish. Classes are immersed and interactive with group, pair work and role plays. All our Spanish teachers speak in the target language and use teaching aids to help you.  Emphasis is on spoken communication and is supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our classroom activities are designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the lesson. You will start speaking Spanish with confidence from the very first day.

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General information about the course:

  • Levels: Beginners and Elementary
  • Length: 20-hour course over 10 weeks, 2-hour class per week
  • Min class size: 8 students
  • Max class size:  12 students
  • Teachers: Native-speaker from Spain or Latin America
  • Location: 30 Copleston Road, Ipswich IP4 5HD Suffolk

* The book+CD are for the 3 terms.

All our courses are carefully structured and designed to cover a wide range of topic areas, grammatical structures and skills and include the following elements:

  • Developing and improving your spoken language so you can talk with native speakers
  • Developing your listening and comprehension skills to improve understanding
  • Learning and reviewing the grammatical structures of the language
  • Focusing on language that you can use in real-life situations, both written and spoken
  • Building a base of core vocabulary
  • Working on pronunciation so people will be able to understand what you say
  • Reading practice and comprehension testing
  • Teachers will use the target language and activities will be communicative

Why learn Spanish?

  • To increase global understanding
  • To improve employment potential
  • To increase native language ability
  • To sharpen cognitive and life skills
  • To improve chances of entry into University
  • To appreciate international literature, music, and film
  • To make travel more feasible and enjoyable
  • To expand study abroad options
  • To get an exciting job abroad
  • To increase understanding of oneself and one’s own culture
  • To make lifelong friends

Our Spanish Evening Courses are held at:

30 Copleston Road

Ipswich, IP4 5HD


Test your Level

If you are about to study a course but are unsure of your level, take our Assessment Test. It will only take a few minutes and will give you a good indication of your ability. If you already have some knowledge of Spanish, it is advisable to speak to us directly, via e-mail or phone.


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