We offer Spanish GCSE and Spanish AS/A2 courses for individual students during the morning, afternoon or the evening at our School in Ipswich or at the student’s chosen location.

Our teaching methods place special emphasis on the development of language skills in the form of oral and written communication, while continuing to pay attention to the theoretical aspects of the Spanish language.

We encourage our students not just to learn a language, but to use it confidently and appropriately in a variety of contexts.

Overview and Key Facts

GCSEs are a crucial step in the educational system and are also important for entry into Higher Education and most vocational training in the UK.

Although students may join the courses having already taken GCSE examinations, they may want to add additional subjects to their GCSE portfolio or improve on their grades.
One of the great strengths of the English educational system is that it provides students with the opportunity to specialise in the subjects of their choice at AS and A Level. British universities prefer A Levels as they provide the depth required for UK degree courses. In nearly every other country, students have to go through a prolonged general education, and can only specialise when they go to university. A Levels enable students to receive the intellectual challenge and stimulation of studying fewer subjects in much greater depth before they go to university.

They might also be an international student who needs to gain recognised UK qualifications for Higher Education in order to satisfy university matriculation requirements.

The Advantages of Private Tuition

  • If students have missed classes through illness or for family reasons, they can cover lost ground quickly and effectively in a one to one situation
  • The informal nature of private tuition allows a student to express ideas freely and confidently, with a tutor’s undivided attention, and allows a tutor to deal directly with any problems that may arise
  • Private tuition is extremely flexible as a teaching method. It enables students to work at their own pace. More able students can get through a lot of material quickly without having to wait for others to catch up before the class can move on. Less able students can cover topics they find difficult until they are fully understood
  • Private tuition encourages an active involvement in the learning process and students have to take direct responsibility for the development of understanding
  • Private tuition enables students to take a course outside normal teaching hours, such as at weekends and during holiday periods
  • One of the principal advantages of private tuition is that students have the benefit of a specialised tutor in a specific field of study and gain in-depth knowledge that would not be possible in a class situation. This might be of particular interest to mature students
  • Private tuition can also be supplementary to timetabled lessons and act as a valuable boost in areas where students require more in-depth help

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