Spanish Kid’s Club

Spanish Private Tuition

Ideal for school children of all ages. The contents, times and starting dates of these private classes can be arranged to suit the individual children’s requirements.

Private tuition is ideal for children who prefer a more focused learning environment. Our qualified tutors offer an extremely personalised language learning programme that ensures maximum attention is paid to your child’s individual needs and skills.

Our carefully selected fun & interactive activities ensure our classes are non stop fun – whatever the age and level! We guarantee that with private tuition you will see rapid and great developments in your child’s learning and a noted enthusiasm for Spanish and foreign languages in general. This without doubt is the most effective way to implement foreign language learning with children as it provides an intensive teaching experience with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Birthday Parties

If you would like to plan a party for your child, we would be delighted to help you organise a fun Birthday celebration including: Party Venues, Entertainment, Cakes, Catering, Spanish Games & Competitions, Decorations and more!

Our fully qualified Spanish assistants can help you organise the perfect themed party for your child’s birthday or special occasion. They are on hand to help you with all manner of arrangements with regards to venues, music, activities and catering – so the stress is less for you Mums and Dads!

We guarantee that your children will enjoy a birthday to remember!

Please contact us for further information and fees.

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