Spanish Express has proven experience in a multitude of business arenas including Finance, Law, IT, Travel & Tourism, Graphic & Web Design, Education and Media.

We are members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and in Spain. We are proud to guarantee a fast and flexible service.

From business meetings to conferences, it is essential to understand which type of interpreter you require. Our experienced interpreting division will advise and guide you through the options you can choose from to best meet your interpreting requirements.

Consecutive interpreting: In order not to disturb the natural flow of the speaker, the speech is interpreted about 10 minutes after the speaker has finished. This type of interpreting is frequently used at top level business meetings.

Ad Hoc Interpreters: The speech is interpreted sentence by sentence. Clients frequently choose this option where accuracy is of paramount importance.

Telephone Interpreting: This simultaneous interpreting is useful when speakers are in different locations and need to communicate with each other.

Spanish Express, your one stop solution for all your Spanish needs!

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